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*We do not do contested custody cases
*We do not appear before the attorney general in child support cases

Rethink what you know about working with a divorce lawyer in Tyler or McKinney, TX

Rethink what you know about working with a divorce lawyer in Tyler or McKinney, TX

A divorce doesn't always involve a drawn-out hearing. In fact, you and your spouse might not have to go to court at all. By working with an uncontested divorce lawyer at McHazlett Law, you and your spouse can negotiate your own separation terms.

You might have heard plenty of misconceptions about working with a divorce lawyer in McKinney or Tyler, TX. Here are three of the most common myths:

  • Spouses won't get equal treatment from their divorce lawyer. When you choose McHazlett Law, we'll treat you and your spouse with respect while working toward a fair solution.
  • Spouses only need to agree on who gets the house. Actually, an uncontested divorce lawyer can write an agreement addressing all kinds of asset division concerns, including debts.
  • Spouses who can interact civilly don't need to hire an attorney. Servando McHazlett will not only give you the legal guidance you need, but he'll also provide insight about legal matters you haven't considered.


Don't wait any longer to speak with an experienced family attorney. Contact McHazlett Law today and learn:


  • What are the grounds of law in TX that allow you to file for divorce?
  • How long does the divorce process last?
  • How does the judge determine how our property is divided?
  • Is it true that a child can pick which parent he/she chooses to live with?
  • Do I need a divorce lawyer for an uncontested divorce?

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