Assault Family violence is one of those unique offenses where the police do not have to see the actual offense being committed. If a police officer is called to your residence for domestic violence, and the officer determines that probable cause exists that family violence (an assault on your partner) has occurred from statements and a review of the physical evidence, the officer may arrest you if he/she believes that it is likely that you may commit further family violence.

The facts of your case could make your potential jail term vary upward or downward depending on specific facts, like whether you have a prior conviction for an assault, whether bodily injury or serious bodily injury results. Other matters that will impact your outcome are whether a deadly weapon was used threatened to be used. Please note that in many instances, you may be eligible for probation. You will likely need to anticipate that a protective order will be filed against you. Call a criminal lawyer to discuss the many reasons why the issuance of a protective order could be devastating to your future.