About the lawyer




Servando James McHazlett was raised in a small town in rural South Texas where he learned the values of hard work. Servando from a young age worked plowing fields on a tractor, bailing and hauling hay in the blistering heat of South Texas.

Servando graduated from the University of Texas At San Antonio with a degree in History. Soon after that, Servando attended and graduated from the University of Oklahoma-College of Law.

Servando began his law career as a solo-practitioner right away where he handled everything from Personal Injury litigation, Divorces, DTPA cases, Criminal, and a variety of other legal matters. Servando learned that his true passion was in representing people who did not ask to be injured, but were the victims of another person(s) negligence. Servando has prosecutor and defense experience, which has uniquely prepared him to take any Personal Injury case from trial to verdict. These days Servando almost exclusively handles Personal Injury cases.

My knowledge of prosecuting and defending Sex crimes, DWI's and Assaults are invaluable when representing a client that has been sexually assaulted at a nursing home, or by a leader in a church. My knowledge of trying numerous Drunk Driving Cases to a verdict of not guilty, has given me great insight on handling a death case where my client's loved one has been killed by a drunk driver.

I'll always be thankful for my broad legal experience because it comes in handy and applies in all facets of my personal injury practice....

Servando McHazlett, Attorney


Servando is an active amateur polo player. " I learned to ride as a young man when I was in middle school. I learned how to ride by working cows in the brush of South Texas. I did not ride for a long time until after my law practice had taken off. I have since been playing polo in Houston, Austin, and the San Antonio area as a hobby.