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If you're moving to the United States to live with a spouse or family member, Servando J. McHazlett Law can help. Attorney Hazlett assists clients throughout the McKinney, Dallas & Garland, TX region with family-based immigration applications. Whether you're immigrating here to marry a U.S. citizen or you're a citizen helping your spouse relocate, you can depend on Servando J. McHazlett Law Firm for help.

5 facts about marriage green cards

5 facts about marriage green cards

Here are five things you should know about obtaining a family-based or marriage green card:

1.Obtaining a green card through marriage or familial sponsorship is one of the most common paths to permanent U.S. residency.
2.When it comes to family-based immigration, priority is given to cases involving spouses, fianc├ęs or adopted children.
3.A U.S. citizen can sponsor any relative or spouse who wishes to reside in the United States.
4.If you are sponsoring or being sponsored by a spouse, you'll both be required to go through an interview process to verify that your marriage is genuine.
5.A green card holder is not legally a U.S. Citizen. This means that you can't vote, serve on a jury or possess an American passport.

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