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Are you ready to build your life in the United States? Servando J. McHazlett Law Firm focuses on immigration law. Attorney McHazlett can help you navigate the complicated immigration process. Whether you're moving to the U.S. for a job or trying to fight deportation, you can count on him for legal support.

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Get answers to your legal questions

Get answers to your legal questions

Turn to McHazlett Law if you need an immigration attorney in, Dallas or McKinney, Texas. Attorney McHazlett can answer any questions you have about:

  • Family-based immigration
  • Petition for your relative to get a green card
  • Petition to go from perminant resident to citizen 
  • Renew your green card 
  • Become a citizen based on your parents being 
  • Green cards

When you meet with him, attorney McHazlett will review all of the details of your specific situation. He'll learn more about your family, your education and your employment situation in order to put you on the best possible path to permanent U.S. residency. Schedule an appointment today.