Dog Bite Injuries Could Cost You Everything

Dog Bite Injuries Could Cost You Everything

Helping those suffering from dog bites in the, McKinney, Dallas & Garland, TX area

Dog bites lead countless people to the emergency room every year. In, McKinney, Dallas & Garland, TX, dog bites can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills alone. You shouldn't have to pay for your recovery when your injury was someone else's fault. The legal team at Servando J. McHazlett Law Firm will work diligently to recover damages on your behalf.

If a careless dog owner is responsible for your injury, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

You could be eligible for compensation after a dog attack

Injuries from dog bites can take a long time to heal-if they ever do. Some dog bites can cause permanent injury and scarring. A personal injury lawyer from Servando J. McHazlett Law Firm will fight for compensation to cover...

  • Current and future medical bills, including physical therapy
  • Lost wages due to missed work or loss of employment
  • Pain and suffering you experienced during and after the attack

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