Were You Charged With Marijuana Possession in, McKinney, Dallas or Garland, TX?

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Being charged with marijuana possession in McKinney, Dallas or Garland, TX can be a scary ordeal. Don't let a judge make an example of you by sentencing you with the maximum penalties. Turn to a criminal defense lawyer who'll fight for you.

Residents of McKinney, Dallas & Garland, TX have trusted McHazlett Law since 1996. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Servando McHazlett knows how damaging a marijuana possession conviction can be to your reputation and future job and housing prospects. He'll do his best to minimize your charges or penalties.

Let a criminal defense lawyer ease your worries

Let a criminal defense lawyer ease your worries

Texas's marijuana laws can be confusing. That's why you need a seasoned criminal defense lawyer by your side. Attorney Servando McHazlett will review your specific situation and lay out your options. You can rest assured that attorney McHazlett will develop a smart defense. Get in touch with him now to discuss your case.